Robert Alexander Schwartz knows his way around the dance floor after nearly a quarter century of teaching. An award-winning dance professional, Robert lives to share his love of dance and its power to heal and bring joy to others. Named Top Teacher at the Portland “City of Roses” Fall Festival in 2006 and 2008, Robert resently won Top Studio and Top Teacher at Seattles Chrystal Ball. He’s been featured in Northwest Healthy Living, and appears regularly in the local paper. He is very active in the community with charity events for Eugene Ballet Company, Angel Hair Foundation and the Lincoln Day dinner for Lane County. One of his most fulfilling endeavors was serving as a volunteer dance instructor at an in-patient mental health center in Chicago. “i felt it was a true test of a dance teacher to see if I could get my students in dance position and walking back and forth to the music,” he says. “They were so happy! Most, if not all, had ever experianced the joy of dancing with a partner.” Robert has lived and performed in Eugene, Oregon since 1999. He taught dance at the University of Oregon and Lane Community College before opening his own studio in downtown Eugene where he taught for 12 years. In 2007, he started a ballroom dance program at the Eugene Faith Center, A Foursquare Gosple Church, where for over 5 years he focused on dance with married couples. He considers his time at the Faith Center the greatest honor of his professional life. Currently, Robert teaches, guides, and coaches individuals, couples, and competitive dancers. He is a loving father of a young daughter.