Listen to more music

Increase your balance

Have more core strength

AND…. what if it was fun and easy

Live a life of your dreams and learn to really dance.


Robert Alexander Schwartz is a ballroom/movement teacher in Eugene Oregon. He spent the first 16 years of his career in Chicago Illinois and has made Eugene his home since 1999. He is an award winning ballroom dance teacher and competitor and holds a certification in Autistic Movement Therapy.

Robert is the founder of Ultimate Abilities which:

1. Works with people who are recovering from traumatic physical or brain injuries.

2. A population who is aging and wishes to add life to their years.

3. Couples who wish to enhance their relationship.

 4. People of all ages overcoming the challenges presented to them from non-typical brain funtion.

Robert supports his clients as they discover and use their Ulimate Abilities.

541 232-9699